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Fabric Choices For Men’s Shirts
Selecting fabrics to custom make shirts can be overwhelming. Hariom’s Tailor makes it easier for customers to feel at ease with their purchase by providing fabric swatch books for custom made shirts.   The process becomes much easier once
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A bespoke tailored suit involves taking into account all of your preferences. What you are looking for in a suit, where do you plan to wear it and how often you would you be wearing it. The time and money invested in a bespoke suits requires
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Bespoke vs RTW Suits
Whether a man is looking to buy a single suit or a few shirts, he has never had so many options as he does today. How does one decide when would be a better time to pick something off the racks or make something from scratch?   Let’s have
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Inject your Personal Style in your Shirt and Suit
No suit can complement the shirt if the fitting is imperfect, and no shirt can look the best if the suit is drowning it.   The combination of shirt and suit plays a very important role in projecting the best look of a man. For every
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Men Fashion Trends 2013
As the year passed on and the Christmas and year end sale took place, many have started wondering and discovering the new trends of 2013! Whether in the food industry, the medical sector or clothing line, the preparation for a new beginning
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“Tie Ethics” The Different Styles and How to wear them without feeling like you’re being punished…!
  Well,  Once upon a time, the men accessory “the tie” became a fad. Since then, this tight-feeling, neck-binding grooming fabric have become a ‘have-to’ at some dress coded, formal wear events or an essential complement
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The Black Tie – How To Not look like a Waiter
Most men will flinch upon the phrase ‘black tie attire’, mainly because they are unaware of the actual tricks of the trade when dressing up to this code. Many end up wearing a regular black jacket over a white shirt with a black bow tie,
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Picking the right suit for you
A man is defined by what he wears. In today’s business world, unless you are dressed smartly, people won’t take you seriously. The clothes you wear reflect your attitude, achievement and personality. It gives you a head start because it is
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Fashionably Formal & Presentable
  We have to admit that most men look absolutely dashing in a crisp, black, formal suit. It somehow gives them a notable, “James Bond” sort of aura thatperfectly describes a man of authority. Now as much as we want to dress up like the
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Confidence through the best fit
Now, you may wonder what is the connection between something external like custom fitted attire with the complex emotional level of the human mind?? Many even feel that ‘confidence’ and a sense of natural ease is inborn or God-gifted. Wake
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Office Christmas Party Dress code: “Festive” What does that actually mean??
    Every year the office conducts a Christmas party and with every year the dress code gets groovier.  The dress code is clearly indicated as ‘festive’ but most of the time people don’t know what this means.  Gone are the days
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Choosing the Right Fabric for your Wedding Suit
  photo Special occasions like weddings calls for a suit whether you like it or not! As much as style and design are crucial,taking out time and effort into choosing the right fabric for your suit, can be something that
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‘JAS PEGANTIN – TAMPIL BEDA’ (3 Tips Penting Sebelum Memilih Jas Pengantin Anda)
Tampil beda di hari pernikahan merupakan hal yang terpenting dan terutama yang harus disiapkan jauh sebelum Hari – H. Tidak hanya pengantin wanita yang kewalahan bolak-balik ke designer atau tukang jahit untuk mendapatkan gaun pengantin sesuai
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“The Convenience of going Custom-Made”
(Yes, we wrote the correct word ‘convenience’ and we are not talking about off-the-rack clothing)   Numerous times blogs and articles have explored the benefits of going custom made Vs off the rack clothing.. Yet, a simple
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It’s All About You – Your Style, Your Color, Your Fit!
  Photo Courtesy:     Yes, this is why we call it Custom Made! Three short phrases cover both the title and the content of this blog. When it is so obvious why a man needs his suits custom made
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