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A bespoke tailored suit involves taking into account all of your preferences. What you are looking for in a suit, where do you plan to wear it and how often you would you be wearing it. The time and money invested in a bespoke suits requires patience, but in the end, the final product makes it all worthwhile. Here’s how we do it at Hariom’s Tailor.


JOURNEY OF A SUITFirst, a professional cutter will take your measurements at the comfort of your home or at the office. He will be overseeing the cutting and take into account all the measurements of your body. This enables him to create a pattern that would be apt for you.


Next, the suit is then cut to your specific measurements and then hand-stitched for the ‘baste’ stage. A baste is a half-made suit that is unfinished but is temporarily held together with white baste stitching. The cutter will also assess the accuracy of his measurements. Any changes such as raising or lowering the button position, narrowing or widening the lapels or shoulders is usually done at this stage.


Lastly, when the suit is is very close to finish, alterations and changes made by the tailor are scrutinized by the cutter and final adjustments are marked up and then carried out by the tailors.


In a matter of a week or two, your suit is ready to be delivered to your door.


Consult with us for your sartorial needs by dropping by our Central Jakarta showroom or contact us from

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Bespoke vs RTW Suits

bespoke tailored suitWhether a man is looking to buy a single suit or a few shirts, he has never had so many options as he does today. How does one decide when would be a better time to pick something off the racks or make something from scratch?


Let’s have a closer look between bespoke tailored suit and ready-to-wear.


Bespoke, involves creating a suit from scratch. It offers the opportunity to develop a truly individual garment, from shape and material to detail and finishing. The benefits of a bespoke suit include: fit, comfort and longevity. While the drawbacks are the time it takes to make one, price being more expensive than ready to wear and that it takes more than one fitting for it to be perfect.


A ready to wear suit is bought off the rack, in a cut and style made by the designer with a range of different sizes. This works for a lot of men because of its immediacy. There’s no need to wait or have multiple fittings. It’s relatively more affordable than bespoke and as long as you are happy with it, it’s good to go. The drawbacks are that most men run into inevitable issues of fitting, quality and details. While a suit may fit well in some areas, it may be too long, short, loose or tight in others. Not to forget that it leaves very little room for those who like making their own sartorial choices.


At Hariom’s Tailor, we consider fit to be the most important thing about the suit, as it flatters a man to make him look leaner and sharper and this in itself is the biggest reason to choose a bespoke tailored suit.

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Men Fashion Trends 2013

As the year passed on and the Christmas and year end sale took place, many have started wondering and discovering the new trends of 2013! Whether in the food industry, the medical sector or clothing line, the preparation for a new beginning started some time ago – and walked into the new year with a full, confident walk.

Yet, in the month of February, there are still the confused confusing the confused! Fret not, this simple article will be enough material for your wardrobe change and prepare for the fashion world of 2013.


Colors – Reserved for the female species for quite some time now, hot pinks and loud purples will now be received with open arms, by the male. If you are not that confident to thread into these grounds, then use these flashy shades only as an accessory; i.e., a black tuxedo accentuated with a purple tie and matching pocket square. The blue color will also dominate the market of menswear with suits that rock in midnight blue or even navy.



Prints – Florals and Stripes will join hands with bright colors this year with as many variations as it can bring. You will find full suits in florals clad on the models of the runway. All though, this might not be workable for you to wear to the next party, simply opting for the jacket with a pair of plain, custom trousers will make you a fashion hit. Still not convinced? A customed printed shirt showing as a sneak peak from under that black tuxedo would also do.



Accessories – A man carrying a purse? This is a sight to see but a trend in 2013 for sure. All though, the runway will showcase men carrying bright colored clutches, this might not be a good idea for you to carry in the ‘real’ world. Instead, select bags that are not so heavy and masculine oriented yet manly enough to look like its designed for him only.



Now, as much as fashion trends are something that should be followed, “Timeless Clothing” should still be the top of the list in a man’s wardrobe. Fashion trends change and re-change but having your own share of the classics and must-have’s will help you score at any place, any time. For instance, wearing a bespoke black suit with a crisp, custom shirt will neither make you look like a fashion mishap nor an old-fashioned geek. Timeless wear is what most celebrities choose to wear to create an image – which any fashion trend can change.

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“Tie Ethics” The Different Styles and How to wear them without feeling like you’re being punished…!


Well,  Once upon a time, the men accessory “the tie” became a fad. Since then, this tight-feeling, neck-binding grooming fabric have become a ‘have-to’ at some dress coded, formal wear events or an essential complement to the work attire. Some hate it, others are unmoved by it’s existence in the wardrobe and very rare will we find men singing praises of ‘The Tie’. Let’s see the major tie styles available and how to wear them without feeling like you’re being punished.




The Bow Tie — A classic masterpiece that has played its role for centuries and yet is still the pride of the “Black Tie” dress code. Smart and straightforward like a magnificent tall tower, it is the very accessory that makes you stand out in a full tuxedo. Now, it has been no.1 rule to tie your own ties, but it’s quite okay to marvel at the ready bow ties available, which are now prim and prop in various designs and slightly casual styles.





The ‘Ordinary’ Tie — Well, not so ordinary anymore, I must say.  With the fashionable prints and colors these days, regular ties for work and functions have perked up and become a fashion piece of art that men love to wear. Moreover, diamonds and Swarovski studded ties have become a luxurious choice for wedding attires and fashionable men wear.


The Shawl Tie– Making one feel like a Lord, the Shawl-Tie sets itself apart from the other members of its family with a slightly distinct look. With its silk ruffles decorated over the chest, its brings a royal aura that makes a wedding suit look grand and regal.  Very suitable for ceremonial weddings and traditional occasions.


The idea is to explore and think different; instead of being accustomed to the conventional ways of wearing a tie and sulking all evening. Enjoy the sheer luxury of this accessory to complete your look and stand out from the crowd.

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The Black Tie – How To Not look like a Waiter

Most men will flinch upon the phrase ‘black tie attire’, mainly because they are unaware of the actual tricks of the trade when dressing up to this code. Many end up wearing a regular black jacket over a white shirt with a black bow tie, ending up not looking like a sleek, elegant man in formal wear…but more like a waiter.


With the ever-changing trend shifts in menswear, ‘The Black Tie’ has been the only one that survived the years of conversion, keeping to it’s persona of an evening attire that describes formal wear with taste like no other. Till today, “Black Tie Preferred” or “Black Tie Requested” are still inscribed in wedding cards and moreover, still the spark of the 007 leading characters.


We decided not to get too complicated and cover the ‘this and that’ of the black-tie drama into one simple article that you’ll continue to remember throughout the years… ensuring that you’ll walk into the next ‘Black-Tie’ function with a touch of charisma and definitely not mimic the waiter with his tray.


Your Jacket – This is the most essential part of your nightwear – NO Three-Button suits!! Wear a One-button jacket along with a proper dress shirt or tailored evening shirt and ensure you’re clad in matching trousers and not jeans!


Your Lapels – Stick to Peaked or Shawl Lapels only! No Notched Lapels please; as these are the most common and generally used in Business suits. Peaked lapels are more formal and perfect on double-breasted jackets while Shawl lapels are usually carried very well with dinner or evening jackets.


Your Tie – A bow-tie only, in either black or red and there are no excuses for not being able to tie them yourself. Learn from a friend, watch a video on youtube, whatever you do, remember the bow tied done by yourself is the mark of a gentleman.


Your Cummerbund –There is no doubt about the fact that a cummerbund adds up to the entire ‘black-tie’ look; however, it may not be as popular these days so if you are not comfortable wearing it, then let it go. Braces are great, instead, and let you dance around without having to lift that falling trousers each time.


Your Shoes – The traditional necessity to company a proper dinner suit are a pair of polished, black leather shoes, whether with lace-ups or not.  Wear a pair of silk or cashmere socks to go with it.


Your accessories – A pocket square is a small but sweet touch to your full black-tie attire, especially when matched with the tie. Ensure that your belt and cufflinks are of the same color – gold with gold or silver with silver.  Sleek hair, swept back or spiked with some wax will give you the crisp, formal look you’re targeting for.


With this simple have-to’s, the Black-Tie syndrome will no more be as threatening – Keep it simple; Keep it traditional and even if you have to add some spark, keep it at a minimum. Walk with confidence and good posture and most importantly, do not offer the guests any drinks… ;)

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Picking the right suit for you

A man is defined by what he wears. In today’s business world, unless you are dressed smartly, people won’t take you seriously. The clothes you wear reflect your attitude, achievement and personality. It gives you a head start because it is assumed you take as much pride in your work as your appearance. So just how do you create this favorable impression? You could start by investing in a decent suit. By wearing a nice, well fitted suit you will “look the part” and those listening will automatically assume that you have the authority and the ability to make decisions on behalf of the company and as a result will be taken very seriously.


Dress according to the image you are trying to portray, your role in the organization and most importantly to the occasion. A Navy blue suit putts off an authoritative look hence is commonly used when giving speeches or presentations. If you are an accountant, make sure your suit and shirt colors are somber;one you may consider is a dark grey suit with a blue shirt. Essentially the suit colors you must have in your wardrobe are black, blue, grey and beige and a couple of shirts that you could mix and match with your suits.


If you don’t have a decent suit in your closet, invest in one right away and start creating an impression in your workplace as you may not get a second chance. Below are the basic guidelines you may need to know to find the right suit for you:


Go Custom Made Suits – Men too often believe that suits will fit off the rack. While some may get lucky and fine one that fits them perfectly, others may find it too big or too small. If you are in that category, head to a tailor and get one tailor made. Nothing feels better then to get something that fits you perfectly and designed to your style and specifications.  Once you opt for a tailor made suit, make sure it fits well and you have enough room to move.


Pick the right colors – If you are a just starting to upgrade your wardrobe, avoid odd-colored suits and go for neutral conservative colors like grey, blue, brown and black. You don’t necessarily have to go with the plains, you can spice it up by selecting those colors with patterns like glen plaids, pinstrips, checks etc. Make sure you consider the occasion and your skin color when picking the color of your suits.


Pick the right Fabric- On a tall, skinny guy, lightweight fabrics will hang and make you look all the more frail. Opting for heavier wools that hold their form is the smart decision. Again your cutter should be able to guide you.


Styling – Work with your tailor to select the style that would work for you. This may include lapel style and width, button placement, patterns, finishes basically anything you can imagine. For example your cutter should be able to advise you on the best style that would work for you based on your physical characteristics.  Jacket can be single or double breast. If you are fit, then double breast is just apt for you. But if you are overweight, then going in for single style jacket that doesn’t fold would be a better option. Similarly a tall, fit man can pull of a three button suit but ones who are short should opt for a two or one button suit.


Fitting – During your fitting look out for the jacket sleeves, collar, lapels and the overall fall of the jacket. For example The collar should hug the back of the neck without buckling or pulling. 1/2 inch of your shirt collar should show from under the suit’s collar. Similarly the Lapels should lie flat to your chest, and should never bunch up or buckle. Make sure you are completely satisfied with your suit.


Once your suit is completed, make sure you have a couple of shirts and ties to go with them and you are good to go. With a decent, well fitted suit, you are sure to be noticeable in the workplace and be ready to start seeing instant results.


Don’t know how and where to start? Give us a call, make an appointment and pay us a visit. Harioms tailor will be our best guide to plan and prepare the suit fashioned just for you; customized to your fit and style, creating a unique, bespoke piece of garment, for you only.


The writer is the business development manager at Hariom’s Tailor & Textile. He may be contacted at


–Post Reference: Published at the Jakarta Post–


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Fashionably Formal & Presentable


We have to admit that most men look absolutely dashing in a crisp, black, formal suit. It somehow gives them a notable, “James Bond” sort of aura thatperfectly describes a man of authority. Now as much as we want to dress up like the men in black, the real worldrequires us to dress in comfortable clothing for manual labor. No matter how early we wake up we always find ourselves running late for work. Either it’s the burnt toast, the spilled coffee or the un-ironed shirt.


Personally, I think the clothes we wear determine our mood and speak a lot about our personality. We should feel entirely comfortable, happy and relaxed at work. When your clothes look presentable, it states that you’re suave, well groomed and ready to face any challenges. The following is a simple guide to stepping out in business casual attire while maintaining class.


Suit and shirt

Find yourself a suit in a neutral color like gray or navy and complement it with a pastel colored shirt. It’s fresh, fun and shows the softer side in you. Since business casual doesn’t call for a tie, leaving the first button of your shirt undone and your collar open instantly makes you look a bit more casual.


Sports jacket and pants

If you have a sports jacket in earthy tones like brown or khaki, you should be able to match it with a lot of shirts and pants. Opt for a plain, white shirt to go for the classic look. If your tan suit is slightly darker you can go for colors such as cranberry or maroon. The combination states professionalism yet gives a man anedgy look.


Dress shirt and pants

For those days you want to dress down you can choose a simple shirt with pinstripes and match it with your properly fitted trousers. Not only does pinstripes provides a classic businesslike look, it also makes you look taller. You can also mix them with a conservative, V-neck sweater to go for a smarter look.


Sweater and jeans

Everybody loves Friday! Everybody at work is generally happier on Fridays since it is a day before the weekend. If you’re allowed to wear jeans on this preferred day, then there’s one rule you need to follow. Make sure your jeans are presentable. This means no holes or rips, and no “dirty denim” jeans either.Make sure your top looks more like a rich sweater rather than a casual sweatshirt.Whatever neck you prefer (turtle, V, or polo), your top should be sophisticated, in good condition, and made of a fine fabric such as merino wool, cashmere, or high-end cotton.


There is no need to go all out in a full piece suit just to show people that you mean business. Custom Shirts, Leather Jackets and sweaters can also serve you the same purpose. Whether or not your workplace has a business casual dress code or strictly a casual one, you should always make sure you looklike someone you would want to do business with. Always be presentable, professional and avoid looking sloppy, no matter what industry you belong to. Make an effort to look your best and everyone will want to be associated with you.


–Post Reference: Published at the Jakarta Post–

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Confidence through the best fit

Now, you may wonder what is the connection between something external like custom fitted attire with the complex emotional level of the human mind?? Many even feel that ‘confidence’ and a sense of natural ease is inborn or God-gifted. Wake up from this illusion as style, elegance, resilience and power can be bought – from the way you look and by what you wear!


Relating a small scenario where a woman tugs and pulls at the hems of her dress at a party and nervously smiles at everyone hoping no one would notice her beautiful party wear is slightly loose from the back. The same way a man going for his first interview would never be entirely comfortable and at ease with a suit that’s a little too tight at the waist. A shirt with a loose button or a few dangling threads would hardly win a man any score on his very first date. With these scenes in mind it is hardly anymore necessary to list the positive reasons of wearing the perfectly fitted attire!


The Question that remains in the air now is “How”? Read on and find three simple steps below that will quietly tap into your inner fashion instincts and bring out the cool, calm, collected person in you…


First and Foremost: Know What Works and What Hurts!

Experience is the best teacher and this phrase stands true even for the clothes you wear! Through initial experiments and trying out different fits, you will finally capture what suits your body best form head to toe. It will be easy for you to spot what looks good and works for your whole look and what basically dresses you down. With this confirmation saved in your mind like data on a computer, you will tend to select your attire with such ease and self-assurance that you will certainly have a walk that speaks confidence and full-on sureness.


Second and Constant: Find that Fit and Get Hooked.

Most people have a favorite brand that either melt their hearts with the mere announcement of “new arrivals” or lead them to a shopping frenzy with the slight whisper of the word “sale”. The same way when a brand feels right to you in terms of style, fit and highlights your persona, ensure that you remain loyal to it. Alternately, if off-the-rack clothing and ready brands is not your style, getting your clothes custom fit through a trusted tailor will get you the perfection you desire; i.e., clothing that fits you to tee which will guarantee a topnotch poise to your aura.


The Final Touch: A Big Bright Smile!

An outstandingly expensive suit or a striking designer dress will never be complete unless harmonized with a perfectly confident smile that not only spreads from ear to ear but bursts from the eyes. With this one last accessory from nature, that self-confidence, poise and optimism will always be on perfect check and trail along with you wherever you go!


The writer is the business development manager at Hariom’s Tailor & Textile. He may be contacted at


–Post Reference: Published at the Jakarta Post–

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Office Christmas Party Dress code: “Festive” What does that actually mean??



Every year the office conducts a Christmas party and with every year the dress code gets groovier.  The dress code is clearly indicated as ‘festive’ but most of the time people don’t know what this means.  Gone are the days where men would simply wear their ‘usual’ shirt and pants and probably add up a jacket over the normal working attire. The ladies, however, manage to add in some Christmas elements into their little black dress by wearing a pair of red pumps and a reindeer headband.


Today, Christmas parties sparkle with fashionable men and women dressed in shiny reds and greens, spreading cheer with their fashion statements.  Women clad in their loud Xmas colored dresses with bright red lipsticks seem to follow the ‘festive’ theme easily, but what about the men?? What does the dress code ‘festive’ actually mean when it comes to the male sense of style! Here are some pointers…


Add some Color–Colors play a very important role when it comes to dressing up for a festive season. The usual blacks and greys are office attire so either stay away from them or play mix and match by adding in a bright red checked tie or a vibrant colored belt; if wearing a bright green shirt is not something you are comfortable with.


Look Different – As much as you do not want to invest on a brand new suit or tuxedo for this event, try not to wear the same jacket you wear to business meetings. Select something new from your wardrobe even if it’s a casual sports jacket that can be perked up with a well-ironed, formal shirt with cufflinks. The key is to look and FEEL different on the joyful day!


Add in some Cheer – Now, that you have successfully worked up an attire fit for one happening night; make sure you add in some Christmas cheer into our entire look. If you are wearing something simple than top it off with a jolly Santa hat; on the other hand if you’re already dashing your way wearing a black suit with red velvet trimmings then a loud, jovial smile is all you need to add some cheer into your entire look.


Merry Xmas!

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Choosing the Right Fabric for your Wedding Suit


Special occasions like weddings calls for a suit whether you like it or not! As much as style and design are crucial,taking out time and effort into choosing the right fabric for your suit, can be something that you would thank yourself for later.
• “The Occasion” – As obvious as it may seem, there are moments in the rush and hush that one may not remember the date, time, venue! At the top of your list, make this the first entrée and then plan ahead. Imagine the wedding taking place and try to get the feel of the place and atmosphere. Will it be hot and sunny? Warm and humid? Chilly? Or air conditioned and indoor at all times? Whether it’s a church wedding, beach affair or splendid ballroom reception, are all imperative factors you need to consider before jumping into a Custom Made Suits or a Tuxedo Suits. Now, know your fabric….


• Polyester – is the most economical fabric for a tuxedo or a suit. It is quite widespread and can be found in most textile outlets. However, polyester fabrics do not last very long and should be a consideration only if you are on a really tight budget and plan to make this suit is a one-time-wear!


Wool – a luxurious material selected by most tailors and designers due to its rich feel and versatile quality. Its weighty texture gives a fit that adjusts to its wearer in the most comfortable style. Wool jackets and suits are highly durable and may even last 20-30 years. Like how wedding gowns are at times passed down to generations, a wedding tuxedo or suit made out of wool can definitely be a heirloom for future son or son-in-law. While, this fabric is your best bet for the perfect wedding suit, to select the right kind of wool can be challenging due to its varying types. Here’s some info to give you a head start, more than that your tailor would be your best guide…


• Wool Blends – This type of fabric have distinctive blends of threads and textures combined to bring about different types of wool. The most common ones around would be either 100% wool, wool and cashmere, or wool and silk. Which is suitable for your suit again depends on your budget, the climate, the venue and the occasion itself.


• Wool numbers – Many of you may have heard of the “supers” or “super 100’s” when it comes to categorizing wool quality. Your key to understanding this is the type of spin, which is rated between 90 – 200; indicating, the higher the number, the finer and lighter the fabric and therefore the higher the quality.


• Wool Origin – This is a factor that needs a cautious eye as not necessarily a wool fabric that is a ‘super 120’ is unquestionably of a good quality. This may not be the case where many ‘made in china’ wools have flooded the market bringing about cheaper options with low grade wool quality. Be aware of such fabrics and ensure that you go for high-end mill brands like Cerruti, Holland and Sherry, LoroPianna, Scabal and other genuine Italian origins. Wool is never cheap, so if you’re offered a price that’s too good to be true, then chances are it is ‘made in china’ wool.



On an end note, your best bet would be to sit with your Tailor and discuss all details of you occasion with him as he is the one professionally equipped to guide you into selecting the best fabric suitable for your event, suit style and pocket!

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