It’s All About You – Your Style, Your Color, Your Fit!
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Yes, this is why we call it Custom Made!

Three short phrases cover both the title and the content of this blog. When it is so obvious why a man needs his suits custom made especially for him, why are there still many cold-shoulders and indifferent smiles given when custom tailoring is being talked about. Of course, there is the other group of men as well, who have experienced the art and luxury of fine tailoring and wearing a suit that clings to him like his own skin. He is probably never going to look back at any brand at the department store to complete his wardrobe; in this case the cold shoulder and indifferent smile is directed the opposite way.


Coming back to where we started; a bespoke tailor will only have one thing in his head when designing your suit from scratch – YOU. Your height, Your style, Your lifestyle, Your fit. You will be guided from the moment you step into the store until you have your suit on your back. Over a cup of coffee or tea, you can discuss what you need this suit for and what you have in mind (you can even bring tattered pictures from a magazine clip-out and you wont be judged for it). The first step is to select the fabric, which you’ll be thankful for guidance considering the variations in color, fabric and print. Next, choosing the style of your suit and picking out something that would accentuate your body’s strengths and hide its weaknesses. Also, ensuring the style suits the occasion. After a session of measuring you to core detail, you will be free to go home and simply wait for your masterpiece to come about.


With all this perks, one might feel intimidated and wonder about the costs of getting themselves a truly bespoke suits and decide to visit the department store instead where price tags become their benchmark for selecting a suit. Little do they realize that there can be times where your custom made suits can be cheaper than something you pick up from the high-end brands (and you’re still at a win for quality and fit). Especially, the word ‘custom’ itself suggests that your suit can be customized not only in terms of fit, style, design and color… but also tailored to your budget!

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