Choosing the Right Fabric for your Wedding Suit
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Special occasions like weddings calls for a suit whether you like it or not! As much as style and design are crucial,taking out time and effort into choosing the right fabric for your suit, can be something that you would thank yourself for later.
• “The Occasion” – As obvious as it may seem, there are moments in the rush and hush that one may not remember the date, time, venue! At the top of your list, make this the first entrée and then plan ahead. Imagine the wedding taking place and try to get the feel of the place and atmosphere. Will it be hot and sunny? Warm and humid? Chilly? Or air conditioned and indoor at all times? Whether it’s a church wedding, beach affair or splendid ballroom reception, are all imperative factors you need to consider before jumping into a Custom Made Suits or a Tuxedo Suits. Now, know your fabric….


• Polyester – is the most economical fabric for a tuxedo or a suit. It is quite widespread and can be found in most textile outlets. However, polyester fabrics do not last very long and should be a consideration only if you are on a really tight budget and plan to make this suit is a one-time-wear!


Wool – a luxurious material selected by most tailors and designers due to its rich feel and versatile quality. Its weighty texture gives a fit that adjusts to its wearer in the most comfortable style. Wool jackets and suits are highly durable and may even last 20-30 years. Like how wedding gowns are at times passed down to generations, a wedding tuxedo or suit made out of wool can definitely be a heirloom for future son or son-in-law. While, this fabric is your best bet for the perfect wedding suit, to select the right kind of wool can be challenging due to its varying types. Here’s some info to give you a head start, more than that your tailor would be your best guide…


• Wool Blends – This type of fabric have distinctive blends of threads and textures combined to bring about different types of wool. The most common ones around would be either 100% wool, wool and cashmere, or wool and silk. Which is suitable for your suit again depends on your budget, the climate, the venue and the occasion itself.


• Wool numbers – Many of you may have heard of the “supers” or “super 100’s” when it comes to categorizing wool quality. Your key to understanding this is the type of spin, which is rated between 90 – 200; indicating, the higher the number, the finer and lighter the fabric and therefore the higher the quality.


• Wool Origin – This is a factor that needs a cautious eye as not necessarily a wool fabric that is a ‘super 120’ is unquestionably of a good quality. This may not be the case where many ‘made in china’ wools have flooded the market bringing about cheaper options with low grade wool quality. Be aware of such fabrics and ensure that you go for high-end mill brands like Cerruti, Holland and Sherry, LoroPianna, Scabal and other genuine Italian origins. Wool is never cheap, so if you’re offered a price that’s too good to be true, then chances are it is ‘made in china’ wool.



On an end note, your best bet would be to sit with your Tailor and discuss all details of you occasion with him as he is the one professionally equipped to guide you into selecting the best fabric suitable for your event, suit style and pocket!

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