Office Christmas Party Dress code: “Festive” What does that actually mean??
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Every year the office conducts a Christmas party and with every year the dress code gets groovier.  The dress code is clearly indicated as ‘festive’ but most of the time people don’t know what this means.  Gone are the days where men would simply wear their ‘usual’ shirt and pants and probably add up a jacket over the normal working attire. The ladies, however, manage to add in some Christmas elements into their little black dress by wearing a pair of red pumps and a reindeer headband.


Today, Christmas parties sparkle with fashionable men and women dressed in shiny reds and greens, spreading cheer with their fashion statements.  Women clad in their loud Xmas colored dresses with bright red lipsticks seem to follow the ‘festive’ theme easily, but what about the men?? What does the dress code ‘festive’ actually mean when it comes to the male sense of style! Here are some pointers…


Add some Color–Colors play a very important role when it comes to dressing up for a festive season. The usual blacks and greys are office attire so either stay away from them or play mix and match by adding in a bright red checked tie or a vibrant colored belt; if wearing a bright green shirt is not something you are comfortable with.


Look Different – As much as you do not want to invest on a brand new suit or tuxedo for this event, try not to wear the same jacket you wear to business meetings. Select something new from your wardrobe even if it’s a casual sports jacket that can be perked up with a well-ironed, formal shirt with cufflinks. The key is to look and FEEL different on the joyful day!


Add in some Cheer – Now, that you have successfully worked up an attire fit for one happening night; make sure you add in some Christmas cheer into our entire look. If you are wearing something simple than top it off with a jolly Santa hat; on the other hand if you’re already dashing your way wearing a black suit with red velvet trimmings then a loud, jovial smile is all you need to add some cheer into your entire look.


Merry Xmas!

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