Picking the right suit for you
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A man is defined by what he wears. In today’s business world, unless you are dressed smartly, people won’t take you seriously. The clothes you wear reflect your attitude, achievement and personality. It gives you a head start because it is assumed you take as much pride in your work as your appearance. So just how do you create this favorable impression? You could start by investing in a decent suit. By wearing a nice, well fitted suit you will “look the part” and those listening will automatically assume that you have the authority and the ability to make decisions on behalf of the company and as a result will be taken very seriously.


Dress according to the image you are trying to portray, your role in the organization and most importantly to the occasion. A Navy blue suit putts off an authoritative look hence is commonly used when giving speeches or presentations. If you are an accountant, make sure your suit and shirt colors are somber;one you may consider is a dark grey suit with a blue shirt. Essentially the suit colors you must have in your wardrobe are black, blue, grey and beige and a couple of shirts that you could mix and match with your suits.


If you don’t have a decent suit in your closet, invest in one right away and start creating an impression in your workplace as you may not get a second chance. Below are the basic guidelines you may need to know to find the right suit for you:


Go Custom Made Suits – Men too often believe that suits will fit off the rack. While some may get lucky and fine one that fits them perfectly, others may find it too big or too small. If you are in that category, head to a tailor and get one tailor made. Nothing feels better then to get something that fits you perfectly and designed to your style and specifications.  Once you opt for a tailor made suit, make sure it fits well and you have enough room to move.


Pick the right colors – If you are a just starting to upgrade your wardrobe, avoid odd-colored suits and go for neutral conservative colors like grey, blue, brown and black. You don’t necessarily have to go with the plains, you can spice it up by selecting those colors with patterns like glen plaids, pinstrips, checks etc. Make sure you consider the occasion and your skin color when picking the color of your suits.


Pick the right Fabric- On a tall, skinny guy, lightweight fabrics will hang and make you look all the more frail. Opting for heavier wools that hold their form is the smart decision. Again your cutter should be able to guide you.


Styling – Work with your tailor to select the style that would work for you. This may include lapel style and width, button placement, patterns, finishes basically anything you can imagine. For example your cutter should be able to advise you on the best style that would work for you based on your physical characteristics.  Jacket can be single or double breast. If you are fit, then double breast is just apt for you. But if you are overweight, then going in for single style jacket that doesn’t fold would be a better option. Similarly a tall, fit man can pull of a three button suit but ones who are short should opt for a two or one button suit.


Fitting – During your fitting look out for the jacket sleeves, collar, lapels and the overall fall of the jacket. For example The collar should hug the back of the neck without buckling or pulling. 1/2 inch of your shirt collar should show from under the suit’s collar. Similarly the Lapels should lie flat to your chest, and should never bunch up or buckle. Make sure you are completely satisfied with your suit.


Once your suit is completed, make sure you have a couple of shirts and ties to go with them and you are good to go. With a decent, well fitted suit, you are sure to be noticeable in the workplace and be ready to start seeing instant results.


Don’t know how and where to start? Give us a call, make an appointment and pay us a visit. Harioms tailor will be our best guide to plan and prepare the suit fashioned just for you; customized to your fit and style, creating a unique, bespoke piece of garment, for you only.


The writer is the business development manager at Hariom’s Tailor & Textile. He may be contacted at amrit.v@hariomstailor.com


–Post Reference: Published at the Jakarta Post–


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