“Tie Ethics” The Different Styles and How to wear them without feeling like you’re being punished…!
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Well,  Once upon a time, the men accessory “the tie” became a fad. Since then, this tight-feeling, neck-binding grooming fabric have become a ‘have-to’ at some dress coded, formal wear events or an essential complement to the work attire. Some hate it, others are unmoved by it’s existence in the wardrobe and very rare will we find men singing praises of ‘The Tie’. Let’s see the major tie styles available and how to wear them without feeling like you’re being punished.




The Bow Tie — A classic masterpiece that has played its role for centuries and yet is still the pride of the “Black Tie” dress code. Smart and straightforward like a magnificent tall tower, it is the very accessory that makes you stand out in a full tuxedo. Now, it has been no.1 rule to tie your own ties, but it’s quite okay to marvel at the ready bow ties available, which are now prim and prop in various designs and slightly casual styles.





The ‘Ordinary’ Tie — Well, not so ordinary anymore, I must say.  With the fashionable prints and colors these days, regular ties for work and functions have perked up and become a fashion piece of art that men love to wear. Moreover, diamonds and Swarovski studded ties have become a luxurious choice for wedding attires and fashionable men wear.


The Shawl Tie– Making one feel like a Lord, the Shawl-Tie sets itself apart from the other members of its family with a slightly distinct look. With its silk ruffles decorated over the chest, its brings a royal aura that makes a wedding suit look grand and regal.  Very suitable for ceremonial weddings and traditional occasions.


The idea is to explore and think different; instead of being accustomed to the conventional ways of wearing a tie and sulking all evening. Enjoy the sheer luxury of this accessory to complete your look and stand out from the crowd.

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