Men Fashion Trends 2013
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As the year passed on and the Christmas and year end sale took place, many have started wondering and discovering the new trends of 2013! Whether in the food industry, the medical sector or clothing line, the preparation for a new beginning started some time ago – and walked into the new year with a full, confident walk.

Yet, in the month of February, there are still the confused confusing the confused! Fret not, this simple article will be enough material for your wardrobe change and prepare for the fashion world of 2013.


Colors – Reserved for the female species for quite some time now, hot pinks and loud purples will now be received with open arms, by the male. If you are not that confident to thread into these grounds, then use these flashy shades only as an accessory; i.e., a black tuxedo accentuated with a purple tie and matching pocket square. The blue color will also dominate the market of menswear with suits that rock in midnight blue or even navy.



Prints – Florals and Stripes will join hands with bright colors this year with as many variations as it can bring. You will find full suits in florals clad on the models of the runway. All though, this might not be workable for you to wear to the next party, simply opting for the jacket with a pair of plain, custom trousers will make you a fashion hit. Still not convinced? A customed printed shirt showing as a sneak peak from under that black tuxedo would also do.



Accessories – A man carrying a purse? This is a sight to see but a trend in 2013 for sure. All though, the runway will showcase men carrying bright colored clutches, this might not be a good idea for you to carry in the ‘real’ world. Instead, select bags that are not so heavy and masculine oriented yet manly enough to look like its designed for him only.



Now, as much as fashion trends are something that should be followed, “Timeless Clothing” should still be the top of the list in a man’s wardrobe. Fashion trends change and re-change but having your own share of the classics and must-have’s will help you score at any place, any time. For instance, wearing a bespoke black suit with a crisp, custom shirt will neither make you look like a fashion mishap nor an old-fashioned geek. Timeless wear is what most celebrities choose to wear to create an image – which any fashion trend can change.

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