Bespoke vs RTW Suits
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bespoke tailored suitWhether a man is looking to buy a single suit or a few shirts, he has never had so many options as he does today. How does one decide when would be a better time to pick something off the racks or make something from scratch?


Let’s have a closer look between bespoke tailored suit and ready-to-wear.


Bespoke, involves creating a suit from scratch. It offers the opportunity to develop a truly individual garment, from shape and material to detail and finishing. The benefits of a bespoke suit include: fit, comfort and longevity. While the drawbacks are the time it takes to make one, price being more expensive than ready to wear and that it takes more than one fitting for it to be perfect.


A ready to wear suit is bought off the rack, in a cut and style made by the designer with a range of different sizes. This works for a lot of men because of its immediacy. There’s no need to wait or have multiple fittings. It’s relatively more affordable than bespoke and as long as you are happy with it, it’s good to go. The drawbacks are that most men run into inevitable issues of fitting, quality and details. While a suit may fit well in some areas, it may be too long, short, loose or tight in others. Not to forget that it leaves very little room for those who like making their own sartorial choices.


At Hariom’s Tailor, we consider fit to be the most important thing about the suit, as it flatters a man to make him look leaner and sharper and this in itself is the biggest reason to choose a bespoke tailored suit.

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