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A bespoke tailored suit involves taking into account all of your preferences. What you are looking for in a suit, where do you plan to wear it and how often you would you be wearing it. The time and money invested in a bespoke suits requires patience, but in the end, the final product makes it all worthwhile. Here’s how we do it at Hariom’s Tailor.


JOURNEY OF A SUITFirst, a professional cutter will take your measurements at the comfort of your home or at the office. He will be overseeing the cutting and take into account all the measurements of your body. This enables him to create a pattern that would be apt for you.


Next, the suit is then cut to your specific measurements and then hand-stitched for the ‘baste’ stage. A baste is a half-made suit that is unfinished but is temporarily held together with white baste stitching. The cutter will also assess the accuracy of his measurements. Any changes such as raising or lowering the button position, narrowing or widening the lapels or shoulders is usually done at this stage.


Lastly, when the suit is is very close to finish, alterations and changes made by the tailor are scrutinized by the cutter and final adjustments are marked up and then carried out by the tailors.


In a matter of a week or two, your suit is ready to be delivered to your door.


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